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5 best dog breeds for seniors

Dogs are among the best companions for people of all ages, even in retirement age with time and a lot of love. In addition to unconditional friendship, living with a man’s best friend can, for example, improve a senior’s physical and mental health.

While finding a furry friend who is right for your lifestyle can be a tedious task, remember that adopting a patient and trained older dog is a conventional choice for seniors. Smaller breeds tend to thrive among those in their golden years as they are easy to travel, but there are easy-care larger breeds that can be good options too. Here are the 5 best dog breeds for seniors.

Shih Tzu, or translated from Mandarin “little lion”, is a loving dog who loves to spend time with its owners. As a lap dog, the Shih Tzu enjoys his daily walk, but is not too fussy when he has to spend the day at home every now and then. If you want to have other pets around the house, choosing a Shih Tzu is ideal because you don’t have to worry as they are friendly to other pets. This gregarious breed is a great choice when grandchildren come to visit.

For more committed seniors who enjoy the outdoors and explore the great outdoors, the Corgi is a great choice. The friendly breed has a fun character that children, adults and the elderly fall in love with. They are committed to their owners and intelligent when it comes to monitoring the home for intruders. The corgi requires multiple walks during the day, which makes the breed ideal for people who want to exercise more often.

The German Miniature Schnauzer breed is cheerful, good-natured and fearless. All of this, combined with their hypoallergenic fur, makes them a great companion for all ages. They are family oriented and enjoy long walks in the park. If you enjoy exercising in company, a Miniature Schnauzer is a great alternative.

A dog bred for racing might not be a great choice if you’re looking to lead a quiet life after retirement, but greyhounds are the exception. They are clean and calm around the house, and their dedication and intelligence make them great companions. Their short coat only requires sporadic brushing, but you need a yard where the dog can move around and get all of the energy the breed is known for.

Pekingese is the ultimate lap dog. This breed is well suited for the elderly as they don’t like rough play and are very affectionate. They were previously bred to serve as companions of the Chinese royalty, so that they could form deep bonds with people. With short muzzles, Pekingese are not interested in extreme exercise and prefer quick walks and short play time. The most important job for the breed is daily brushing as its soft fur needs to be kept untangled.

Adopting a dog for adoption comes down to preferences and a match of personality and lifestyle, but these 5 breeds are a great place to start when finding your best friend.

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