20 puppies found dead in back of van with no ventilation on hot day

There were 44 pups in total – 20 were dead and 20 had canine coronavirus (Image: BPM)

A man did community service after stuffing 44 puppies into the back of a delivery truck and killing 20 of them.

Patrick Stokes, 25, was stopped on the M6 ​​on a hot summer day last August after a woman reported seeing him transporting the dogs between vehicles.

She heard loud whimpers from the two vans so she went over and challenged them to take pictures in Charlton Kings, Cheltenhnam.

Prosecutor Graham Dono said, “Stokes told the woman he was moving her from one van to the other because it was ‘too hot for her’, but she found this strange as the second van was smaller and not ventilated.

“She counted that there were over 20 puppies in the larger vehicle, but couldn’t calculate how many were transferred to the small delivery van.

“The police alerted all forces across the country and within an hour Stokes was stopped on the M6.

“When Stokes was arrested, he was asked when the pups were last fed and watered. Stokes replied that they had only just arrived from Ireland. ‘

One man stuffed 44 puppies into an unventilated van before driving up the M5 on a hot summer day - which resulted in the deaths of 20 of the animals.  Patrick Stokes, 25, was stopped by police on the motorway last August after leaving Gloucestershire for Stoke-on-Trent.

All survivors needed emergency treatment when they were found (Image: BPM)

It was later found that 20 of them had the canine version of the coronavirus.

All dogs – including 10 beagles, seven border collies, three Chihuahuas, and a Shih Tzu – required emergency veterinary treatment when they were discovered.

Stokes said he paid £ 2,500 for the dogs and £ 2,400 for transportation from Belfast.

Michael Levy, who defended himself, said, “The shock that he will appear in court on these charges has ensured that he will not do anything similar in the future. I think he should be sentenced to parole. ‘

Judge Sue Alexander told Stokes it was “only a matter of chance” that he was discovered by a member of the public.

She said, “Having 15 puppies in each box was definitely overcrowded and undoubtedly resulted in unnecessary suffering for the puppies, who all needed veterinary care to cope with their dehydration.

“Because of these factors, we consider this to be far too serious for a conditional release. And after you have been convicted, you are banned from owning, keeping or transporting dogs for two years. ‘

He was fined £ 180 and given 100 hours of community service

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