2-Week Fosters Needed for Puppies, Kittens and Nursing Mothers at Palm Valley Animal Society

The Palm Valley Animal Society is in dire need of two-week temporary foster care for dozens of their youngest pets. PVAS images– Advertising –

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EDINBURG, TX – The Palm Valley Animal Society is in dire need of two-week temporary foster care for dozens of their youngest pets, some with mothers, while they await a rescue transfer. Several rescue workers are interested in moving these pets, but temporary foster care is required for their travel clearance.

It is important that the shelter house the current pets as they have reached critical capacity this month with 1,336 pets in custody as of August 20. Dozens of these pets are still nursing, too small to be given up for adoption, or are less than 5 months old. Infant pups and kitten’s developing immune systems have a harder time fighting disease, and even the best of accommodations can be stressful for pets. Nursing homes are the ideal place to look after these pets. The shelter has dozens of kittens and puppies, some of which are with nursing mothers in need of immediate foster care.

“We ask our community to take action on pet care, adopt them when they’re ready, or come to the shelter to volunteer,” said Donna Casamento, Executive Director. “The shelter should be the last resort for healthy animals, and we need our community and community partners to instead work towards keeping healthy pets with their families.”


These animals receive medical care. Anyone who wishes to groom is encouraged to come to the shelter daily 11 am-7am or register online at www.pvastx.org/foster.


The shelter needs carers and adoptive parents for all types of pets. Foster care allows families to temporarily look after an animal in the shelter, which creates space for other adoptable pets in the shelter. Families are asked to look after an animal for at least two weeks, but are welcome to look after a pet for longer if they wish.


If you’d like to support the shelter’s life-saving efforts but don’t have room for a new friend at home, donations are also needed to fund animal rescue transports. Visit their website at www.pvastx.org to make a donation.

The shelter has temporarily limited the establishment of new emergency services as they focus on housing the shelter’s current residents.

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