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Loving your dog means taking care of his or her needs even when you are not around. So what toys will they keep and entertain while you are away?

We contacted some experts about what that could mean, and the overwhelming consensus was to provide toys with a specific purpose, be it finding the hidden tidbit for food-motivated four-legged friends, solving simple puzzles to keep your dog cognitively engaged, and Focusing on the individual needs of certain breeds to determine which activity or toy is most effective.

Dr. Gerardo Perez-Camargo DVM is Vice President Research and Development at Freshpet and has a degree in Veterinary Medicine from Spain and a PhD in Applied Biochemistry and Food Science from the University of Nottingham, UK, and took the time to break this concept down a little further :

“We are all different as humans, and pets are all different too. You have to remember that we have different breeds that have been selected and bred for different purposes. ”

You can find more about his individual tips further down this list. So read on to find Fido-friendly toys from him and many other experts below.

It’s fun, but safety is important for animal lovers too. So check out our list of GPS tracking collars to make sure your little one stays close to your home.

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Chuckit! Ultra Rubber Ball Robust dog toy

They’re tough, they float, and they just keep bouncing and bouncing; These best-selling balls are perfect for the tireless puppy who wants to get till their arms fall off.

The Chuckit! Balls have an extra thick rubber core and are designed in easily visible colors so that you do not lose them. Multiple sizes allow you to choose the best one for your dog’s mouth shape and a launcher in case you use one for games in the park.

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The comfort bone

This tidbit-filled treat was suggested by Andrea Arden, whose career as a pet expert and dog trainer spans 30 years and includes features on Animal Planet, Today, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and more. She created her own puppy toy called Comfort Bone, specifically designed for smaller dogs, which can be stuffed with soft food and even frozen if you want to encourage playful activities that are good for both the mind and gum health / the teeth are healthy. Reviews show breeds across the board enjoy it, from a 5-pound Yorkie to a Beagle-Bullie mix that is one of the impressed buyers.

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Bully Buddy starter kit

Bully Buddy is at the top of the list of toys that are useful for keeping a tight grip on the delicious treats while also providing the dogs with a perfect resting place on either side so they can keep the sticks steady as they chew.

Recommended by Jackie Murphy aka The Pet Lady with Bow Wow Labs, one of the Buddy’s long list of perks is “Screwdriving technology keeps clubs secure,” as Jackie says, and continues, “Dogs can really appreciate this feature rather than theirs Edit Paws Hold a loose bat in place. It is a lightweight device and is BPA free and dishwasher safe. Bully Buddies come in five sizes. ”The starter kit seen here includes everything in the photo, including the toy, six sticks, and an airtight jar to keep them fresh and tasty for your discerning little chewer.

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Interactive black LED pointer light for pets with a fish projection motif

Yes, this is a kitten that you see in the picture. The veterinarian and Vice President for Research and Development at Freshpet Dr. However, Perez-Camargo made a strong case for the laser pointer to be a dueling cat and dog toy by indicating the type of breeds that would get lively for this simple handheld trickster.

“Some breeds are much more eye-focused,” he explains. “You have setters, you have pointers – these breeds are considered greyhounds. They were bred to look for things that move – to find birds [when hunting]to let you know that, ‘Hey, these are the things you’re looking for!’ ”He suggests not only training them for fun on the laser pointer, but also leading them to windows or safe balconies where they“ see ” “Can do things that happen outside” in order to stay happy.

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Darice 7-piece square paper mache box set

This may seem like a joke, but the good doctor insists that this is the perfect way to keep small breeds such as terriers and daschunds busy. “You can take a cardboard box and hide a toy or treat in it so they have to work their way into the box … you can put a box or two in the other and hide the toy in the middle box and the dog will smell it and want to get it. ”

You may also want to have backups on hand because cardboard has a tendency to fall apart and that is Dr. Perez-Camargo perfectly fine, and like humans, dogs are able to see the value of hard work and how it pays off. “Let the dog destroy the boxes sometimes,” he tells us. “Sometimes destroying is fun and you can make it work for things. You enjoy the fact that you work for something more than just getting it firsthand. It adds value to what you’re trying to accomplish. ”So grab another toy on this list or your dog’s favorite snack and have fun hiding!

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Pup’s Treat Pine Cones

This toy proposal comes from the Brooklyn-based dog toy company and customizable subscription service BarkBox. “Toys that hide goodies or hold chews are a time-consuming activity to keep your pup occupied while you sit quietly on your hour-long conference call.”

The Pup’s Treat Pinecone is the perfect treat hide toy for more active and medium to large dogs (two sizes available) who love an endgame when it comes to solo play. A treat compartment at the bottom of the toy provides the perfect hiding place for bones or other nibbles, and the unusual shape creates an irregular crack that promises your fluffy buddy chasing around for hours.

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Fall fetch stick

Here’s another Super Chewer from Bark that mimics a dog’s natural favorite toy (the stick), is now safer and less likely to bark on your couch! Do you want more reasons to grab this one? Keep in mind that it smells like bacon too, and you can choose different sizes of toy to suit your dog’s mouth size.

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As seen on TV Wobble Wag Giggle Ball Squeaky Dog Toy

This toy promises to “awaken your dog’s natural curiosity and playful instinct” with a multitude of silly noises that, thanks to a series of tubes inside, imitate human laughter without the need for batteries. There are several places the dog can grab the ball so that larger breeds can easily pick it up and carry it around with them. Durable and pet-safe, phthalate-free vinyl can withstand the chewing of standard breeds of all sizes, but supervision is best if your furry friend is an especially vigorous breed.

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ZippyPaws Burrow Log – Chipmunks dog toy

These are so cute you’ll want to play with them yourself!

The ZippPaws Burrow Log comes with three chipmunks that nestle nicely inside, just waiting for your dog to dig them up and toss them around. Perfect for small to medium-sized dogs, it’s a great way to keep them busy when you’re busy or not at home, and the squeakers inside will give your pooch even more incentive to keep playing until they’re all hidden.

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Tuffy Ocean Creature Octopus Dog Toy – L

Another serious cutie on this list is the Tuffy Ocean Creature Octopus, whose powerful tentacles and goofy smile will put a smile on your face when your pup tosses him around happily.

“My bulldog always felt that the purpose of a toy was to tear it apart,” says one happy shopper. “We spent years looking for a toy that was tough enough for them. This is pretty big (not difficult) but is a great size for her and our lab puppy to play together. This toy is played for hours every day! I would recommend this toy to mega crouchers and dogs who like to play with toys. “

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